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13 August 2015 @ 12:44 pm
[002] Fall is coming, a Multi-fandom friending meme  

Fill it out!

Pimp it out!
Becky ("You're a Virgin Who Can't Drive.")starcrossed on August 14th, 2015 06:20 pm (UTC)

Name/Nickname: Becky
Age: 29
Hobbies/interests: I really like too much stuff, it's ridiculous. Coloring (is the new black y'know,) horse racing, dance, musical theatre, yoga are the main ones at the moment.

Current fandoms: Currently Disney/Pixar (Inside Out!) Jane the Virgin, (Marvel's) Agent Carter, Grace and Frankie are the favorites.
Other fandoms: ..? I never understood this question, TBH. All my fandoms are my fandoms not main/current/whatever.
Favorite characters: Fear, Peggy Carter
Ships/OTPs: Jane/Raphael
Fandom interests: I work FT and I'm in FT grad school so I don't really have time for anything fandom, hell, I barely have time to *watch* shows.

What do you post about: RL, fandom
How often do you post/read your friends page: post at least once a week, read multiple times a day
Friending policy: I'm down for everyone except a) those who post graphic sexual content and b) those who mindlessly comment on every single entry *hugs!!!* to be the top commenter. Not cool.

Anything else? ♥ I love friending memes!
(post gifs or whatevere here)

everythingshiny on August 22nd, 2015 08:00 am (UTC)
i'm late to the party, but i'd like to be friends if that's cool :)
(no subject) - starcrossed on August 22nd, 2015 03:23 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Driver Picks the Music: Skyebatmarg on August 14th, 2015 08:03 pm (UTC)
:puppies (have 3 & I get done working on my house, I plan to start volunteering at the shelter on weekends); English Lit; cooking; fishing; history; horror movies; watching football(american); beer festivals; going to cons & concerts

Current fandoms:Agents of SHIELD; Agent Carter; ok mcu in general; Person of Interest; Batman Beyond (always); Eye Candy; Hell on Wheels (to S3 now!); Supernatural(though haven't actively watched since s8. I just play catch up in the summer); Constantine; Alien; HTGAWM; LOTR/Hobbit; Grimm; Arrow; Gravity Falls; Helix; WTNV; Jane Austen; Ripper Street; The Musketeers; From Dusk Till Dawn; The 100 (recently, starting on S2); Killjoys; Dark Matter; Dominion; Scream the tv series; Stitchers; iZombie
Other fandoms:Too Many; X-Files; Jossverse; Leverage; Veronica Mars; Star Trek; Star Wars; Hannibal; Reign to name a few; Vikings; Haven; Doctor Who; Sherlock;
Favorite characters:ana Scully; John Constantine (comic version); Batman; Terry McGinnis; Integra Hellsing; Peggy Carter; Natasha Romanoff; Bruce Banner; Dean Winchester; Crowley; Root; Felicity Smoak; Ellen Ripley; Bishop; Elizabeth Bennet; literally everyone in Leverage; Dutch; Clarice Starling
Ships/OTPs:BatCat; Destiel; Skyeward; Philinda; Mulder/Scully; Root/Shaw; Caskett; Zutara; Sterek; Tommy/Lindy; Hannibal/Abigail (Blade); Seth/Kate; Bellarke; Deeks/Kensi; Natasha/Clint; Terry/Max; Olicity; Ron/Hermione (bookverse, movieverse I liked H/Hr better)& many more. I'm pure shipper trash.
Fandom interests: Mostly just reading fanfic & discussing shows at this point. I used to do a little bit of writing & betaing but time/inspiration seem to be lacking at this point

What do you post about:fandom; real life musings; time wasting memes
How often do you post/read your friends page:Post: it varies, sometimes multiple times in a week & sometimes not for weeks. Friends page: at least once a week unless rl gets in the way
Friending policy:Pretty much if we have anything in common, I'm good with friending.

Anything else?I'm also on tumblr (& more active there). "batmarg" over there too.

theron09theron09 on August 16th, 2015 10:26 am (UTC)
literally everyone in Leverage

This! So much! They're all really wonderful.

How old are your dogs? I have two myself. Volunteering at the shelter sounds like a lovely idea.
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verdande_miverdande_mi on August 15th, 2015 09:45 am (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Verdande_mi/Lily
Age: 32
Writing, reading, colouring, hiking.

Current fandoms: Faves: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, LOTR/The Hobbit, Lewis, Sense8, SGA/SG-1, Fringe, Lost, The Blacklist, Major Crimes/The Closer, Call the midwife, Please like me.
Other fandoms: Dark Matter , Common Law, White Collar, Whitechapel, Outlander, Arrow/The Flash, Kingsman, ASOIAF, Star Trek reboot, Grimm, Haven, Torchwood, Continuum, Harry Potter, X-men, James Bond, Orphan Black, Sanctuary and Miranda.
Favorite characters: To mention a very few: Dean Winchester, Gandalf, Clara, Martha, Donna (Doctor Who).
Ships/OTPs: Dean/Castiel, Harry/Eggsy, Lewis/Hathaway, Sheppard/McKay, Derek/Stiles, 007/Q, Nick/Monroe, Harry/Severus, Kent/ Chandler, Erik/Charles, Felicity/Oliver, Nyssa/Sarah, Nomi/Amanita, Lito/Hernando, Olivia/Peter, Audrey/Nathan/Duke, Jack/Ianto, Doctor/River.
Fandom interests: (for example, if you make fandom icons or write fanfiction.)
Reaction posts, squee, fanfiction, meta and discussions.

What do you post about: Squee, reaction posts, book, films and fanfiction recs, rl, dwellpositivity, currently reading and film-watching, writing.
How often do you post/read your friends page: I post more than once each week and I comment often. I do not always comment on every post, but I comment when I have something to say.
Friending policy: Everyone is welcome, but I do like actually communicating from time to time. Only my RL posts are locked.

Anything else? I stay clear of drama, wank, hate and negativity, so if your LJ is full of that it is not for me. My journal and fandom is a happy place for me!
(post gifs or whatevere here)

Queen of Spades: captainamericamonkiainen on August 18th, 2015 11:12 am (UTC)
We have quite a few common fandoms, plus I also write & read a lot. Friends? :)
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daria234daria234 on August 15th, 2015 06:08 pm (UTC)
Name/Nickname: daria234
Movies, books, music.

Current fandoms: MCU, Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil, DCU, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Leverage, SPN, Battle Creek,
Other fandoms: Chuck, White Collar, Haven, Terminator:SCC, Almost Human, Whedonverse, Dark Angel, Kings, Highlander, Heroes, Eureka, Psych, Smallville, Once Upon a Time, Futurama, Better Off Ted, Graceland, Suits, Tyrant, The Unit, Elementary, Sherlock, Bletchley Circle, Slings & Arrows, Political Animals, Star Trek
Favorite characters: Melinda May, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanov, Jason Todd, Eliot Spencer, Parker, Alec Hardison Matt Murdock, Sara Lance, Nyssa Al Ghul, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Shado, Jack Benjamin, Cisco Ramon, Captain Cold, Catherine Weaver, Sarah Connor, Willow Rosenberg, Faith Lehane, Mozzie, Bryce Larkin, Methos, Lex Luthor, Regina/Evil Queen, Hook/Killian, David/Charming, Jessica Pearson, Bender, Morbo, Moriarty (both Elementary and Sherlock), Spock.
MCU: Steve/Bucky, Steve/Sam, Steve/Natasha, Tony/Bruce, Tony/Pepper/Bruce, Steve/Natasha/Clint, Clint/Pietro, Charles/Erik, Fisk/Wesley, Matt/Foggy
Crossovers: Steve Rogers/Jason Todd, Matt Murdock/Eliot Spencer
Leverage: Parker/Hardison/Eliot, Eliot/Quinn, Eliot/Moreau
Chuck: Chuck/Bryce(Sara), Chuck/Casey(/Sara), Casey/Ellie/Devon,
White Collar: Peter/Neal(/El), Diana/Christie
Battle Creek: Milt/Russ, Russ/Font, Guz/Erin
Arrow: Oliver/Diggle/Felicity, Oliver/Diggle, Sara/Nyssa, Sara/Felicity, Oliver/Slade/Shado, Oliver/Maseo, Oliver/Tommy
Flash: Barry/Eddie, Barry/Eddie/Iris, Cisco/Barry, Cisco/Caitlin/Ronnie, Barry/Captain Cold, Barry/Oliver
Kings: Jack/David
OUaT: Regina/Emma, Regina/David, Hook/David, Regina/Robin, Ruby/Snow
Fandom interests: (for example, if you make fandom icons or write fanfiction.)
Write fanfiction.

Journal daria234.livejournal.com
What do you post about: Mostly fic, occasional episode reactions or memes or recs
How often do you post/read your friends page: Post a couple times a week, read much more often.
Friending policy:Sure!

icecoldrain: Stock - Yarnicecoldrain on August 15th, 2015 09:15 pm (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Carmen
Age: 27
Reading, writing, gaming, crafting, and art.

Current fandoms: Grimm, The Blacklist, Orphan Black, The Walking Dead, Continuum, Once Upon A Time, The 100, Gotham, Outlander, Elementary, Teen Wolf, Constantine (GONE TOO SOON!), Killjoys, Mr. Robot, Outlander, and Agent Carter.
Other fandoms: Harry Potter, Heroes, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, True Blood, What I Like About You, and Helix.
Favorite characters: Nick, Wu, and Rosalee (Grimm). Red, Liz, and Aram (The Blacklist). Cosima and Helena (Orphan Black). Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Michonne, and Bob (The Walking Dead). Kiera, Kellog, and Betty (Continuum). Emma, Hook, August, and Elsa (OUAT). John, Manny, Zed, and Chas (Constantine). Scott, Melissa, Deaton, Allison, and Parrish (Teen Wolf). Peggy, Jarvis, Angie, and Howard (Agent Carter). Penguin, Riddler, Selina, Bullock, and Alfred (Gotham).
Ships/OTPs: Glenn/Maggie, Sasha/Bob, Michonne/Rick (The Walking Dead). Hook/Emma (OUAT). Zed/John (Constantine). Peggy/Sousa (Agent Carter).
Fandom interests: (for example, if you make fandom icons or write fanfiction.)
I occasionally make icons, but otherwise it's just discussion/theory posts and reblogging on tumblr lol.

What do you post about: Crafts, real life, and memes.
How often do you post/read your friends page: I post a couple of times a month, sometimes more, sometimes less. I try to read my flist daily and reply when I have something to say/add to the conversation.
Friending policy: Some common interests, cool people (everyone is cool, right? :P), and 20+

Anything else?

Edited at 2015-08-16 02:19 am (UTC)
i'm on a website where people fuck fruit: Killjoys1geckoholic on August 16th, 2015 01:39 pm (UTC)
KILLJOYS. We don't share much by the way of fandoms otherwise (I watch most of your shows, but not too fannish about them) but I wanted to make sure I register my approval. ;D

Edited at 2015-08-16 01:39 pm (UTC)
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night_owl_9: Nausicaa - angel in flightnight_owl_9 on August 16th, 2015 12:39 am (UTC)
Name/Nickname:Madeleine; Maddie
Age: 24
theatre; writing; reading; hiking; (very amateur) photography

Current fandoms: Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, MCU, Orange Is The New Black, Orphan Black, Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015), Elementary
Other fandoms: Transformers Prime, Transformers Rescue Bots, BBC!Sherlock, Doctor Who, LOTR/The Hobbit, Steven Universe, Once Upon A Time, Bob's Burgers, Full Metal Alchemist, Legend of Korra, Avatar The Last Airbender
Favorite characters: Pearl, Peggy Carter, Melinda May, Skye/Daisy Johnson, Angie Martinelli, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Optimus Prime
Ships/OTPs: Philinda; Fitzsimmons; Cartinelli; Emma/Regina
Fandom interests:
Icons, Fanfic, Meta/Analysis/Reaction Posts

What do you post about: I post mainly about fandom musing and real life stuff
How often do you post/read your friends page: I post at least bi-monthly; I read my friends page and try to comment on entries every day.
Friending policy: I'm open to everyone who is respectful, courteous, and open-minded. Also, if we have something in common, that's cool. If not, that's okay too!

Anything else?

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daria234: mountain scenerydaria234 on August 16th, 2015 08:46 pm (UTC)

Love Melinda May, Peggie Carter, Steve, Angie, Skye, Elementary, OUat...

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Chelseasictransits on August 16th, 2015 03:15 am (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Chelsea
Age: 25
Dogs, music, concerts, reading, watching football (NFL), cooking (though I seem to collect more recipes than I actually wind up cooking).

Current fandoms: Arrow, Awkward., The Big Bang Theory, Divergent, Empire, The Flash, The Hunger Games, Modern Family, Nashville, New Girl, Once Upon A Time, The Originals, Pretty Little Liars, Secrets & Lies, Teen Wolf & The Vampire Diaries.
Other fandoms: Ally McBeal, Charmed, Friends, General Hospital, Glee, Gossip Girl, Lost, One Tree Hill, Revenge,& Twilight.
Favorite characters: Brooke Davis, Blair Waldorf, Katherine Pierce, Roy Harper, Toby Cavanaugh, Spencer Hastings, Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Cole Turner, Andy Trudeau, Felicity Smoak, etc.
Ships/OTPs: I'm a multishipper so I'll stick with my absolute favorites: Oliver/Felicity, Roy/Thea, Katniss/Peeta, Juliette/Avery, Gunnar/Scarlett, Regina/Robin, Kol/Davina, Spencer/Toby, Stiles/Lydia, Stefan/Katherine, Damon/Elena, Ally/Larry, Cole/Phoebe, Andy/Prue, Rachel/Jesse, Dan/Blair, Sawyer/Juliet, Brooke/Lucas, Nathan/Haley, Brooke/Julian, Jasper/Alice.
Fandom interests: (for example, if you make fandom icons or write fanfiction.)
I'm not very creative, so I don't do any of that. I mostly just post my thoughts on episodes/things going on in fandom. But I do love seeing/collecting icons others make!

What do you post about: What's going on in my life, fandom, occasional meme & music post, etc.
How often do you post/read your friends page: At least once a week but usually more.
Friending policy: As long as we have some things in common I'll add you, just comment here first before adding me please!

Anything else? =)
ramasiramasi on August 17th, 2015 10:55 am (UTC)
We have a few fandoms in common - Vampire Diaries, The Original, Once Upon a Time. Friends?
(no subject) - sictransits on August 17th, 2015 11:04 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - gabby227 on October 9th, 2015 06:40 pm (UTC) (Expand)
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Kathleenemeraldarrows on August 16th, 2015 06:12 am (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Kathleen
Age: 26
cats, foreign films, silent films, Greek mythology, fairytales, teratology, cryptozoology, history.

Current fandoms: The Whispers, Teen Wolf, Zoo, Dominion, Hell On Wheels, Girl Meets World, and I just watched the pilots for Lucifer and Blindspot and I'm in love.
Other fandoms: Moonlight, Primeval, The X-Files, Millennium, Z Nation, Once Upon A Time, and just about every classic show you could think of.
Favorite characters: John Young (The Tomorrow People), Iolaus (Hercules: the Legendary Journeys), Henry Morgan (Forever), Killian Jones (OUAT), and more.
Ships/OTPs: so many Um, my top otps will always be Oliver/Chloe (Smallville), Mulder/Scully (The X-Files), Connor/Abby (Primeval), and Rumplestiltskin/Belle & Killian/Emma (OUAT).
Fandom interests: (for example, if you make fandom icons or write fanfiction.)
Read/write fanfiction and reblog a lot of gifs on tumblr.

What do you post about: fanfiction, memes, monthly scrapbooks, ramblings about tv/movies.
How often do you post/read your friends page: Once or twice a month/At least once a day.
Friending policy: Please ask before adding and check that we have a few interests in common.

Anything else? I'm most active on tumblr (as iolauss) but trying to become more active here.
(post gifs or whatevere here)

Edited at 2015-08-16 06:14 am (UTC)
Driver Picks the Music: batmanbatmarg on August 18th, 2015 01:57 am (UTC)
Whispers, Zoo, Dominion, Hell on Wheels, moonlight, xfiles & John Young. And Teen Wolf (though i'm hella behind). Friends?
(no subject) - nightlydivision on August 19th, 2015 04:44 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - marishna on September 3rd, 2015 02:33 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - gabby227 on October 9th, 2015 06:42 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - emeraldarrows on October 9th, 2015 07:54 pm (UTC) (Expand)
because I'm fun like that: Arrow - (s1) Laurel smooth facemarishna on August 16th, 2015 06:44 am (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Erin
Age: 33
cooking, photoshop, movies, imagining all the crafts I'll never actually do, procrastinating, writing.

Current fandoms: I'm most active in and am fannish in Teen Wolf. I guess everything else would go under "other" because, while I watch, the most I do for anything else is icon.
Other fandoms: The Flash, Bob's Burgers, Arrow, Sense8 (just watched the whole season a couple weeks ago, I'm late!), Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD, MTV's Scream (which isn't THAT bad, even if it's not Emmy-quality. It's fun!), Outlander (well, I still have to watch the second half of the season), Dateline (does that count as a fandom? LOL), The Strain? (I say that with a question mark because I've only seen s1 and am dvr'ing s2), Finding Carter (again, same as The Strain). I have flirtations with all sorts of shows and then get bored with them in the blink of an eye and drop them like a hot potato.
Favorite characters: Everyone from Teen Wolf, basically. ALL of the Belchers, Barry Allen, Cisco Ramone, Peggy Carter, Laurel Lance.
Ships/OTPs: Stiles/Derek, just about any pairing from TW. I'm not very OTPish with other shows. I would have liked to have seen Barry/Caitlin even though I know it's against canon and all that but whatever, I thought they would have been cute and have yet to see the big deal with Iris. Hell, Barry and JOE have more chemistry and they're basically father/son.
Fandom interests: I do it all. For TW I write, make icons, screencap, spam the shit out of my flist about it. For other shows I might speak about them in passing and make icons.

What do you post about: I usually have a mix of fandom and RL in my entries. I rarely flock an entry, maybe one or two a year, depending on what I'm talking about. I like (attempting) memes and anything else that keeps me active with my journal. I like LiveJournal and want to keep a flist that's interactive and the way I help that is to be interactive myself.
How often do you post/read your friends page: I post just about every day and read almost as much, but sometimes I get distracted and realize that, whoops! It's been a couple days since I've read!
Friending policy: I'd prefer my flist to be of age but if you're a TW fan I'm happy to have you! Would most of all like people who are active in their own journal and interactive with others.

Anything else?

theron09theron09 on August 16th, 2015 10:20 am (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Megan
Age: 22
Hobbies/interests: writing, reading, walking, dogs, history, teaching, land comms

Current fandoms: I have a lot! MCU, The Flash, Teen Wolf, Hawaii Five 0, Graceland, Suits, Sense8, Arrow, The Originals, The Librarians. I'll most definitely have forgotten to mention something important.
Other fandoms: Leverage, White Collar, Inception, Supernatural, Prison Break
Favorite characters: Isaac Lahey, Kono Kalakua, Peggy Carter, Adam Milligan, Captain Cold, all of the sensates + Hernando, Liam Dunbar, Lydia Martin.
Ships/OTPs: I'm a big time multi-shipper so it's probably too many to list. Chances are if you like it, so will I!
Fandom interests: I write and read. I also run and participate in land comms. I discuss fandom things in some of my posts as well.

What do you post about: I tend to post a real mix - sometimes I'll talk about fandom, other times it'll be updates about what's going on in my life. I talk about my two dogs quite a bit and I'm starting training as a teacher soon so I'll probably talk about that.
How often do you post/read your friends page: Regularly - I post every few days and try to read through and comment on (when I have something to say) my friends' posts every day if I can.
Friending policy: I'm down with friending pretty much anyone if we have something in common.

Anything else?

i'm on a website where people fuck fruit: H5-0 1geckoholic on August 16th, 2015 01:42 pm (UTC)
So we share some things (MCU, The Flash and Arrow, Sense8), I at least watch some others (Suits, H50) and I've seen you around since my SPN days so I admit I'm curious... wanna give it a whirl? :)
(no subject) - theron09 on August 16th, 2015 04:10 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - geckoholic on August 16th, 2015 04:29 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - gabby227 on October 9th, 2015 06:44 pm (UTC) (Expand)
소라: Blonde girl with birdjeune_fleur on August 16th, 2015 11:18 am (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Sora.
Age: 23 springs.
I like so many things but I'll try to sum them up to the ones that are daily in my life :P Fashion, arts, drawing, music, photography, Japanese and Korean culture, languages, helping out others, social justice, design.

Current fandoms: By fandom I get that you're active in them right? So I'd just say SHINee, because for the rest I honestly do not participate :P (not enough time!).
Other fandoms: Sailor Moon Crystal, OUAT, Teen Wolf, How To Train Your Dragon, animated movies, Harry Potter, Narnia, and many other animes and tv shows.
Favorite characters: Rumple & Charming (OUAT), Stiles (TW), Hiccup! (HTTYD).
Ships/OTPs: Not into this <.<;
Fandom interests: None. I do not make things unless I need icons for LJ :P

What do you post about: My daily life (or should I say weekly since I tend to post once a week? ^^;), pictures of my dogs and life along with instagram round-ups, about my trips given that I tend to travel a couple times a year, every once in a while I rant, and also a little bit of fandom, but just a few lines :3
How often do you post/read your friends page:
Friending policy: don't like fandom only journals :c I'm behind on every show I watch because either I wait for my bestie to have time to watch them with me or I just don't have the time, so I'll probably have nothing to say if you post 80% fandom. Also, I'd like to get to know my LJ friends better, hence why I want personal journals. I don't mind if you don't comment on every single entry I post, but if you never comment at all that's not good either.
I don't like people who are judgmental, are homophobes, don't respect each other's life choices no matter how different they are.

Anything else?
Gabby: fruit pancakesgabby227 on October 9th, 2015 06:48 pm (UTC)
I have been looking for a friend who is into personal journals, like commenting on entries of personal daily life and who I could comment on as well. We also have arts, music & photography in common.

💋: wolf ★ weight of the worldmaybe on August 16th, 2015 02:47 pm (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Christy
Age: 33
Reading, Music, Photoshop (when the mood strikes me)... Netflix

Main fandoms: The 100. Teen Wolf. Arrow. The Flash. Dominion(!) Agent Carter. Agents of Shield. The Vampire Diaries. Criminal Minds. Kdramas. From Dusk Till Dawn. Bitten.
Other fandoms: Sherlock (BBC). Marvel. Star Trek. Marvel. Penny Dreadful. Salem. Sense8. OITNB. HTGAWM. Outlander. The Originals. Dark Matter.
Favorite characters: I adore LOTS of characters but my absolute favorites are; Bellamy. Raven. Octavia. (the 100) Stiles. Lydia. Malia. (Teen Wolf) Michael. Noma. Gabriel. (Dominion). Jarvis. Peggy. (Agent Carter) Damon. Caroline. Stefan. Bonnie. (TVD) Reid. (Criminal Minds) Klaus. (The Originals)
otps: Bellamy/Clarke. Stiles/Lydia. Oliver/Felicity. Alex/Noma. Skye/Ward. FitzSimmons. Damon/Elena. Stefan/Caroline. Seth/Kate. Richie/ Santánico. Clay/Elena. Sherlock/Molly. Ethan/Vanessa. Wolfgang/Kala. Will/Riley. Jamie/Claire. Spock/Uhura. Klaus/Camille.
friendships: Clarke/Raven. Stiles/Scott. Lydia/Allison. Malia/Lydia/Kira. Barry/Caitlin/Cisco. Fitz/Skye. Damon/Bonnie. Damon/Alaric. Caroline/Elena/Bonnie. Reid/JJ. Reid/Morgan. Sherlock/Watson. Kirk/Spock. Kirk/McCoy. Kirk/Uhura. Steve/Natasha. Tony/Bruce.

What do you post about: Mixture of RL and fandom
How often do you post/read your friends page: Right now I'm not posting much, but normally 1-2 times a week / I read my friends page at least once a day.
Friending policy: I don't really have one? A couple fandoms in common would be nice tho.

Anything else?

Edited at 2015-08-17 12:48 pm (UTC)
Becky ("You're a Virgin Who Can't Drive.")starcrossed on August 18th, 2015 01:26 pm (UTC)
I've seen you around loads and I also really like The Flash and Agent Carter :) add?
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navaan: Arrow Black Canarynavaan on August 16th, 2015 03:05 pm (UTC)
Name/Nickname: navaan
Movies, TV, writing, travelling, languages, cooking and fandom stuff in general

Current fandoms: Marvel comics and MCU, DC comics, Doctor Who, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Hellblazer, Constantine (TV), Hunger Games, X-Men
Other fandoms: Highlander, Star Trek (all the Trek new and old, but especially TOS, TNG and DS9), Farscape, Smallville, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes related stuff, yuletide sized TV, book and comics fandoms
Favorite characters: Tony Stark, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown, Bruce Wayne, Diana, Zatanna, John Constantine, Natasha Romanoff, Sara Lance, Laurel Lance, Diggle, Carol Danvers, Janet Van Dyne, The Doctor, Jack Harkness, Harry Potter, Severus Snape, Katniss Everdeen, Finnick Odair, Cinna, Peggy Carter
Ships/OTPs: I'm very multi-shippy and ship a lot of stuff, I do have the occasional OTPs that take up more room, like Steve/Tony, Doctor/Jack, Dick/Tim, Dick/Babs, Bruce/Clark, Peeta/Katniss, Sara/Nyssa, Charles/Erik - non of that keeps me from writing any of these characters in other pairings when the muse strikes though
Fandom interests: I do write fanfic, mod a community and exchanges/challenges and I also take part in a lot of them

What do you post about: I post my fic, I post about the fandom challenges I take part in and talk a lot about writing, also about TV, movies, books and, of course, comics, cats, sometimes about travelling and very rarely about other private life stuff
How often do you post/read your friends page: I usually post 2-3 times a week and I read my flist every day
Friending policy: Friend away, I'm very likely to friend back

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scripsiscripsi on August 19th, 2015 04:41 pm (UTC)
We have a couple of common fandoms, most notably Doctor Who, I suspect. And I like talking books, TV and Movies. And I like cats (I have four9. So I hope you don't mind friending you.
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Moongirl: Stock Freedom.moongirl24 on August 16th, 2015 03:06 pm (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Lene
Age: 34
Books, music, tv shows, spending time with family/friends etc.

Current fandoms: Glee, Looking, How To Get Away With Murder, Arrow, The Flash, Chicago Fire, Nashville, Sense8, Pretty Little Liars, The 100 etc.
Other fandoms: My biggest fandoms from the past have been Queer as Folk, One Tree Hill and Roswell.
Favorite characters: Too many to mention! I like most characters from my favorite shows.
Ships/OTPs: KURT/BLAINE ♥, Connor/Oliver, Patrick/Richie, Barry/Iris, Oliver/Felicity, Nomi/Amanita, Lito/Hernando etc.
Fandom interests: I used to write fanfiction and make some fanart, but these days I usually just read some fics every now and then. I might get back into writing if something inspires me though.

What do you post about: It's a good mix of real life and fandom, with a meme thrown in every now and then.
How often do you post/read your friends page: Usually I read my friends page every day, unless I'm busy with real life things. I normally post 1-2 times a week (sometimes less, sometimes more).
Friending policy: I'll friend anyone as long as we have something in common, but I like to get to know the people on my flist so it's nice if you leave a comment every once in a while :)

Anything else? Not really! :)

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you half wit scruffy looking NERF HEARDER: SGA: McKay Orange Fleecehanorganaas on August 16th, 2015 10:10 pm (UTC)
We have alot in common want to try it out?
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sometimes, red riding hood will eat the wolf.: [☾] lydia martinwretched on August 16th, 2015 05:07 pm (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Sara
Age: 29
writing, reading, photoshop...oooh I love crafts like plastic canvas and crochet and stuff (I'm learning to crochet soon but my mom has done it for 30+ years), cooking, anything supernatural at all.

Current fandoms: Right now I'm super super into Teen Wolf. But my other main fandoms are Sense8, Bitten, The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars (I just started it!), Daredevil, Scream the series, From Dusk Till Dawn, Hemlock Grove.
Other fandoms: Shameless US, Supernatural, Leverage, Veronica Mars, iZombie, Haven, Orange is the New Black, ummm honestly so so many fandoms that I love.
Favorite characters: Anyone from Teen Wolf (except Theo...okay, maybe Theo), Elena Michaels (Bitten), ANY of the Sensates I love them all so much, Beth Greene (TWD), Daryl Dixon (TWD), Foggy Nelson (Daredevil), Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Mickey Milkovich (Shameless US), Audrey (Scream), Noah (Scream), The Gecko Bros. and Kate Fuller (FDTD)
Ships/OTPs: I am an avid multishipper. Almost anyone and everyone from Teen Wolf, though Stiles/Lydia is my main OTP forever. I'm also shipping the hell out of Kate/Seth from From Dusk Till Dawn. But chances are canon or not, I can find a ship somewhere!
Fandom interests: (for example, if you make fandom icons or write fanfiction.) I write fic and I make icons and some edits for Tumblr

What do you post about: RL stuff/family dramas, writing rants and woes, fandom stuffs including Teen Wolf S5 reaction posts, graphics updates ect.
How often do you post/read your friends page: I'm a sporadic poster; I can post three times a day or not post for a week, depending on what my ADHD is feeling. But I try to read my F-List every day
Friending policy: As long as we've got a few things in common, you're welcome to friend me!

Anything else?

Renée: Pretty Little Liars. Hanna.rogueslayer452 on August 19th, 2015 07:31 am (UTC)
Pretty Little Liars, Sense8, Shameless (US), Leverage, Veronica Mars, Haven, and Orange Is The New Black.

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